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KAC Cup 4 - Invitation [Download Discussione]
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Messaggio KAC Cup 4 - Invitation
06 Maggio 2008
KAC - Klub Anonimowych Civ-maniaków - Anonymous Civ-maniacs Club

proudly presents

KAC Cup 4

KAC Cup 1 (2007.04 - 2007.05) 35 players, 7 countries (POL, GER, FRA, UK, UKR, BEL, RUS)
Winners: DeviousDevil (UK, C4P), Vox (UKR, civfanatics.ru), Peter (POL, KAC), Penny (FRA, civfr.com)
KAC Cup 2 (2007.07 - 2008.08) 43 players, 11 countries (UK, UKR, POL, BEL, ROM, AUT, NOR, FRA, RUS, FIN, GER)
Winners: uralis (UKR, civfanatics.ru), Nemesis (AUT, LCA), ot4e (RUS, civfanatics.ru), Ascendency (NOR)
KAC Cup 3 (2007.12 - 2008.01) 59 players, 13 countries (UKR, AUT, RUS, POL, UK, FRA, GER, BEL, SUI, ITA, ESP, GRE, ISR)
Winners: ot4e (RUS, civfanatics.ru), uralis (UKR, civfanatics.ru), Fox (POL, KAC), DeviousDevil (UK, C4P)

As usually out tourney offers a lot of fun and prizes

We would like to beat again the record of players and represented countries, so do not hesitate and apply! Everyone's invited!

Official forum of tourney: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewforum.php?f=155
Registration thread: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewtopic.php?t=6578
Question, opinions, discussions: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewtopic.php?t=6590

For veterans of KAC Cup: changes since last KAC Cup are bolded, so you don't have to read whole Rules again

KAC Cup 4 Rules


1. Game settings (changes since KAC Cup 3 are bolded)
All games will be played in pairs (1 vs 1) using following settings:
Map: LD_Mirror_Inland_Sea2 http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=204146
Size: tiny
Climate: temperate
Sea level: medium
Era: ancient
Game speed: quick
Level: prince
Options: advanced start - 80 points, no barbarians, no technology trading, always war, no tribal villages, no random events. Rest of options disabled.
Victories: conquest (if no one will win by conquest, count of points at end of game decides)
Separated turns (simultaneous turns disabled)
No AI overtaking
Anonymous leaders
Turn timer: medium
Game turn limit: 200
City elimination limit: 0

If both players chose the same leader, host should uncheck 'anonymous' option and start a game with the same leaders.
If both players agree, game might be played with simultaneous turns.

2. Tournament prizes

Prizes for the tournament where sponsored by KAC - http://www.civilization.org.pl/


Winners will get following prizes:
I place - KAC Cup T-shirt, Revival (civ for mobile phones), Civ4: Complete, The Witcher
II place - KAC Cup T-shirt, Revival (civ for mobile phones), The Witcher
III place - KAC Cup T-shirt Revival (civ for mobile phones),
IV place - KAC Cup T-shirt
Winners might choose any other game (price should be similar)

3. Tournament system
Tournament will be played using double elimination system.

4. Games dates
Each tournament phase lasts for one week - from Wednesday till Tuesday. Players will set up dates for their games in separated forum. If players will be unable to find a suitable date for their game during the week, game has to be played on mandatory day - Tuesday 19:00 CET (Central European Time). First round of tournament starts on 6th May 2008.
If one player will not show up in mandatory date, player who waits in lobby should post on forum in their thread 'I wait in forum'. After 30 minutes game is won by walk-over.
If both players won't show up, they both loose by walk-over. Then player who should play in next round with the winner of this game wins his next game by walk-over.
If both players won't show up for the final, they both end up with second place in tournament.

5. Technical stuff
Player listed as first in pair is host of game and he is responsible for all game settings. Games should be set up using lobby. If players can not connect to each other, they should use hamachi http://www.hamachi.cc/ - network interface emulator. Game should be set up in lobby and second player should enter this game using option 'Direct IP' and supplying IP address of host, which is emulated by hamachi.
If one player suddenly quits the game, the other player has to wait 15 minutes. If quitter will not come back, he is considered as loser of that game.

6. Saving and reloading
If game is not played on mandatory date, then on request of one player game has to be saved and continued later when both players have time, but not later than on mandatory date. If game is played on mandatory date it cannot be saved and finished later. Player who has to suddenly finish and quit (during mandatory date) is losing the game.

7. Games reporting
Games should be reported on forum in the same thread in which players set up for that game. Winner should post information who played and who won. He should also at least briefly describe how the game looked like - which nations they used and how he won.
In case of conflict players have to send via email save made at the end of game to tournament administrators - this will be the only prove that game was played and how it ended up.

8. Setting of tournament pairs
Application period lasts till 4th May 2008. Applicants must use their nicks from civ4 lobby and should be sent to . This is an individual tournament, however civ clubs members have right to apply as a representation of their clubs and/or countries (logo of club and nation flag will be displayed next to player's nick). Clubs have right to seed their players. Players applying individually will not be seeded. When application period will be closed a tree of players will be build up - players will know with whom they will play up to the final of the tournament. While building the tree of players we will consider all existing players' rankings to make sure that best players will meet at the end of tournament.

9. Other issues
Every aspect of tournament not described in those rules will be arbitrated by tournament's administrators: LDeska i Peter. Correspondence address:

CET - Central European Time.
Official forum of the tournament: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewforum.php?f=155 posts should be posted in English or Polish.

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Messaggio Re: KAC Cup 4 - Invitation 
Only 6 days left till the tourney begins! Currently there is 57 players from 11 countries! http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewtopic.php?p=52595#52595

Sign up today if you want to participate in our tourney! Check yourself against best players from Europe!

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Messaggio Re: KAC Cup 4 - Invitation 
The tourney begins! Today I have announced:

Seeded list of players: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewtopic.php?t=6723
Table of tourney: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewtopic.php?t=6756
First round forum: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewforum.php?f=156
Second round forum: http://forum.civilization.org.pl/viewforum.php?f=157

We have 66 players from 14 countries: POL, RUS, UKR, GER, FRA, AUT, ESP, ROM, UK, BLR, GRE, ISR, KGZ, SUI.

For each round players have one week. Because the count of players is 66 - slightly greater than 64 (2^7), then most of players begin the tourney from Second Round. It means that you have two weeks to play your first game, but we ancourage you to play your first game as soon as possible to avoid problem of "mandatory day". Good luck!


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