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Errore Generale

Errore durante l'interrogazione della tabella Hack List.


SQL Error : 1406 Data too long for column 'hack_desc' at row 1

REPLACE INTO phpbb_hacks_list (hack_author, hack_author_email, hack_author_website, hack_desc, hack_download_url, hack_name, hack_version, hack_file, hack_file_mtime) VALUES ('CyberAlien', '', 'http://www.phpbbstyles.com', 'This mod enables image uploading. All images are stored on image hosting server, not on your forum. Image uploading is very simple and requires no skill. This mod is perfect solution for forums where visitors are not tech savvy and don\'t know how to upload image or don\'t know how to use [img] bbcode. Image hosting script creates thumbnails of images and posts thumbnails instead of full images, so large images will be shown as small.', 'http://www.phpbbstyles.com/viewtopic.php?t=8121', 'Simple image upload', '1.0.0', './hl/Simple_image_upload.hl', 1156838891)

Line : 124
File : functions_hacks_list.php